Audiences familiar with The Bubalaires  know the company has been traipsing around Los Angeles these past 20 years, where they have had successful runs at Theatre/Theater, the Third St. Theatre, and the Globe Playhouse, where they presented their own epic version of “The Odyssey”.  They have performed as part of the NoHo Arts Festival, the San Francisco Fringe Festival, and at many other venues and benefits on the West Coast.  They have been profiled in John Rudlin’s book Commedia dell’ Arte:  A Handbook For Troupes.

        Because The Bubalaires speak only in their own gibberish language, their shows are highly physical and utilize masks, slapstick, and music to communicate with American audiences.  Working mostly from audience suggestion, they create wild, silly, and irreverent scenes and playlets, and the fact that several of the Company’s members are not actors by nature adds more chaos to the proceedings.

          The Bubalaires were formed in 1991 by a group of Los Angeles-based actors.  Through a series of improvisation workshops, they found a common physical quality to their work, and the creation of a troupe which spoke no English and therefore had to find non-verbal ways of expression seemed the logical extension.  Each actor developed an individual character within the company, and seeing these noble clowns deal with improvisational situations became a unique facet of their performances.

The company consists of Ivan, the Majordomo;  Svetlana, the Leading Lady;  and three backstage members who have been pressed into service as performers:  Devi, the Seamstress;  Hansha, the Stage Manager/Musician;  and the unfortunate Vasek, Company Janitor.

“Pure, and very entertaining, silliness!  The four performers

create one deft, inventive skit after another!”

         -San Francisco Examiner

”Hysterically funny and clever!” -Contra Costa Times     “A Fringe Festival Highlight!” -S. F. Weekly

“Slavophiles and improv enthusiasts alike should catch ‘The Bubalaires’! 

Freewheeling improv!  Relentlessly silly!”  -Los Angeles Times

The Bubalaires are  John Apicella, Laurie Kilpatrick, Alice Vaughn, Helen Slater, and Rob Watzke.

The Bubalaires

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